16″ x 20″ oil on canvas original painting by Jennifer Heron. Depicts woman eating dinner alone; the perfect dinner of blue box mac and cheese and rose straight out of the bottle.


      Contemporary, southern gothic painting depicts two friends shucking corn and talking while front porch sitting.

10:53 pm

      Contemporary painting depicts Waffle House employees playing a round of spades while working a night shift restaurant.


      Depicts hands working together to make rice krispie treats over a vintage 90s stove.


    Depicts hands playing poker. The odds could go any way!

Sweet Sixteen

2024 oil on canvas. 48 in x 48 in. Inspired by the long nights we stayed up trying to figure out the world  


2023 oil on canvas. 60 in x 30 in. Inspired by women, folk art, and the magic they create.  

Christmas China

Christmas China Original Painting by Jennifer Heron

“Christmas China” is a one of a kind acrylic-on-canvas painting. 8″ x 10″. Depicts a still life of the finest christmas china, a Mr. Christmas cookie jar flanked by two vintage spode plates.